bambum® - Sustainable products made from bamboo

Bambum is a registered trademark of Karınca Home Appliances LLC. Bambum is the professional among the processors and traders for bamboo products. Bambum design and develop almost all items in-house and produce in 46 factories inside and outside Turkey.

Bambum products are sold on four continents and in 57 countries in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. All Bambum products have unique product codes and each product has a name. All products are registered. 

The continuity in production ensures consistent quality. If, among other things, you lose a piece of a bamboo plate set that you use in Odessa, you can easily get the missing piece from Barcelona or Oslo of the same brand and quality.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, environmentally friendly, functional, aesthetic and extremely durable. 

bambum® at a glance

Product variety over 2000 products
Quality from nature
Healthy products
Fast delivery
Bamboo is two to three times more robust than all other woods and types of wood. While a bamboo seedling reaches its full maturity in 5 years, oaks and Co. can reach this level in 50 years. Bamboo is durable, light, ecological and healthy as well as solid and durable in the forest.

The structure of the bamboo plant is antibacterial and does not contain any bacteria. Kitchen and household appliances made from bamboo are healthy. With its unmistakable feel and natural warmth, bamboo is pleasant for the eye and the soul.


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