SEOWOOD - storage space without screws

It all started with the purchase of a piece of furniture for self-assembly. The assembly was so complicated and difficult to assemble yourself. The assembly was so complicated and difficult and not possible without a master craftsman's certificate as a carpenter. 

Seowood didn't want to limit itself to always complaining and complaining about the poor quality of the products available on the market, but has thought about how such products can be improved for self-assembly.

The Düzce Orman Ürünleri Factory / Seowood was founded and the necessary research and development work started. The resulting products are marketed under the SEOWOOD brand. Based on the experience and difficulties that are known in the assembly of conventional products, Seowood has decided to completely dispense with screws for assembly. Seowood designed a modular system, like a kind of LEGO design for furniture.

User satisfaction is a principle of the Seowood brand.

Seowood has had all products tested mainly by employees, family members, friends and acquaintances. In this way, Seowood received all negative and positive feedback from the immediate environment, in a sense first-hand. This method has proven itself for all existing products and is also used for all new products.

All positive and negative feedback that Seowood receives from customers is the highest motivation to work even harder to make existing products more useful and better. Today, we compete with ourselves to meet demand in both local and overseas markets.

Seowood prides itself on the fact that the products are made in Turkey and can be found in many sales outlets both in Turkey and around the world.
As a SEOWOOD family, our top priority is to ensure that our customers enjoy using Seowood products. In everything Seowood does, quality is paramount.


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