tt-med® is a brand of Toker Trading

There are situations in which fate has a massive influence on corporate planning and goal setting. Toker Trading was founded in 2017 with the aim of importing and distributing various goods from all over the world. With the beginning of the pandemic, customer inquiries suddenly turned out to be entirely different from planned. Again, the large network of toker trading was very useful here. 

Protective masks and protective clothing from Turkey and Asia were imported relatively quickly; with the Segurmed and tt-med brands, retail-compatible, German-language packaging and own brands were quickly produced and imported. Since then, many customers from a wide variety of industries have been supplied with all kinds of hygiene products. Through the office of Toker Trading GmbH in Guangzhou / China, all requested articles from the hygiene area and quick tests are negotiated, bought and mostly imported by air freight directly with the manufacturers in China. 

As a direct importer, we move huge quantities and can cover almost any requirement.
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Toker Trading GmbH
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70736 Fellbach / Germany

Tel: +49 711 658547 55
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