WUNDER-BAUM® air freshener

The tree-shaped air freshener has cult status. Known in Europe as the Wunder-Baum, Arbre Magique, Little Trees, its story begins in the US and from there it conquered the world.

It has been over 60 years since a milk delivery company was in North of New York at Julius Sämann complained about the smell of spilled milk in his vehicle. He had lived and worked in the Canadian pine forests, where he researched the extraction of aromatic oils from pine needles. Sämann used a special paper as a carrier material, combined it with an extraordinary fragrance, and thus invented the first air freshener for cars.

In the end, he gave his product the shape of a pine tree, which is now known everywhere, and thus created the first miracle tree. Meanwhile, the Wunder-Baum air freshener is known all over the world and appears in over 1500 different films and TV shows.

With its wide range of first-class fragrances and designs and the unique, immediately recognizable shape of the tree, Julius Sämann's pioneering product has become a global symbol of freshness and superior quality.

While the tree continues to enjoy great and steadily growing popularity across Europe, the brand offers Wunder-Baum now has a selection of different air freshening products. This is how we meet the needs of modern consumers for first-class fragrances.

In 2012, we introduced the fragrance bottles, the success of which quickly led to a product expansion to the current nine fragrances.

In 2013, we expanded our range of the clips: colorful, modern and innovative air fresheners that can be used almost anywhere.

In 2018, the Fiber Can was introduced. Each can is made from 50% recycled tree fiber and is designed in such a way that it gives off an intense fragrance over a long period of time.


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